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What's New in Version 1.1
What's New in Version 1.1
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bullet"No hands" block diagram modifications! Version 1.1 actually creates, renames, and removes actions on the diagram as you define, rename, and remove them in the editor! (No, it can't fill in all the details for you, but it can do some, if you think ahead, by replicating similar actions.) To create actions on a diagram, there has to be a diagram! So we have to follow the directions in the original ReadMe file to open a new VI and a new HSM and save them both before proceeding with our editing.
bulletEvents and Actions Usage screens (licensed copies only) clearly show where (in which state(s)/transition(s)) and how (is it an entry action, exit action or event handling action) a particular event or action is used. Moreover, selecting an instance on the list and pressing the Go To button makes the main screen jump to the respective location in the HSM structure.  In the case of Actions Usage screen, the respective action case is also displayed on the block diagram. Thus, these screens provide a different cross-section of the HSM data set and an additional way to navigate it.

bulletVersion 1.1 can duplicate events or actions, which helps when you've got several that are similar (even if only in name, if your typing is as poor as mine). Changes in the events and actions lists are reflected immediately on the main screen and on the block diagram (which solves the previous problem of deleting a renamed event or action when it's still in use). The Events and Actions List Editors are no longer modal and neither are the Events and Actions Usage screens, so you can have all the panels and the block diagram visible and move freely among them as you build your HSM (a good argument for an even larger monitor).
bulletVersion 1.1 also provides true LabVIEW template (VIT), LabHSM - HSM Template.vit and LabHSM - HSM Template (no debug code).vit, which you may find more convenient for generating new HSM VIs. (If you've already made your own VITs, you'll want to replace them to support the new ability of the editor to create actions on the block diagram.) Of course, you can continue to create new HSM VIs by dropping LabHSM - HSM Template.vi or LabHSM - HSM Template (no debug code).vi onto blank VIs.
bulletLabHSM - HSM Template.vit and LabHSM - HSM Template (no debug code).vit ship in the LabHSM Library folder. You may want to move or copy them to the "<LabVIEW>\templates\Frameworks" folder so that they will appear immediately when you select the "New..." on the File menu. If you do not move them, you can always use "Browse for Template..." to find them anyway.
bulletWhen you SAVE an HSM file, version 1.1 automatically adds the .hsm extension if you leave it out and it remembers the last directory you used.
bulletThe Loaded VIs utility now can open and close block diagrams (if they are not protected with a password) and display only VIs with modal front panels, if desired.

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Paul F. Sullivan

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